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Posted by taxguru on August 3, 2012

Facebook Stock Crash Hoses California’s Tax Revenue – In the Bizarro world of government, they love to “balance” their budgets with completely unrealistic overly optimistic assumptions about the size of revenues.  That’s how the Clinton gang conjured up an imaginary budget surplus for his last year.  They assumed the stock market would continue to grow at 20% per year, when in actuality, it crashed.

Governor Moonbeam has already said that his “balanced” budget is contingent on the assumption that voters will approve two large tax increases in November.  Has a betting pool been set up to predict when the PRC declares bankruptcy?


Republicans grill IRS commissioner on health care –  The fun and games with ObamaCare are just beginning. If it’s not repealed, those of us in the tax profession will have to become ensnared in its thousands of pages of rules and regulations, even though none of us had any desire to go to medical school.


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