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Archive for August 21st, 2012

Heading for the cliff…

Posted by taxguru on August 21, 2012

The upcoming Taxmageddon has everyone literally paralyzed as to business and tax planning.

Beware doomsday taxes of the zombie apocalypse

Businesses Dread Potential Tax Hikes


The US Chamber of Commerce has an actual Fiscal Cliff Countdown Clock

From Blog Pix

Of course, their countdown clock assumes that the Mayan countdown clock for the end of the world on 12/21/12 will be wrong.  If the Mayans were right, who cares about taxes anyway?


The Chamber also has an interesting tool from the Tax Foundation to do rough 2013 Federal income tax calculations with side by side comparisons of the results under three different basic scenarios.  It also has the ability to customize it by adding any or all of these new scenarios:

From Blog Pix



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