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Archive for October 19th, 2013

Posted by taxguru on October 19, 2013

From The Late Show:


Top Ten Things Americans Said When The Government Reopened

Thursday, October 17, 2013

10. “It was closed?”

9. “Is it under new management?”

8. “Nice going, guys! Treat yourselves to a vacation”

7. “No idea what was accomplished but I assume I have to pay higher taxes”

6. “How will this affect funny race-car drivers?”

5. “John McCain can get back to playing poker on his iPhone”

4. “Does this mean Ted Cruz will stop talking?”

3. “They don’t pull this kind of crap in Belarus”

2. “Only four months till the next shutdown”

1. “Great — I just paid for Chinese lessons”



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Posted by taxguru on October 19, 2013

While there are a lot of benefits to having a living (aka Revocable) trust for estate transfers, there are times when it may be overkill, as described in this article.
                   Why you don’t need a living trust


Incomprehensible sums – Another look at how our spendaholic rulers in DC have made a billion dollars seem like pennies, now that most of their plans involve trillions of dollars that they steal from the private sector.



When Tracking Obamacare Costs, IRS Needs to Follow its Own Rules – The double standard IRS has always operated under, where they don’t have to properly account for the money they handle, but they expect us little people to do a perfect job or pay the price.


Questions into IRS scandal still get no answers – A short recap of where the investigation into IRS crimes has gone.


Most powerful White House Obamacare official at center of IRS scandal – Another female IRS employee, Jeanne Lambrew, involved in harassing opponents of the BHO regime is being rewarded with even more power over our lives.


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