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Here we go again – Tax Reform

Posted by taxguru on March 2, 2014

Excuse me for not getting too excited about the latest tax reform proposal that does seem to be receiving a lot of attention.  While it has some good points, the real world will cause it to end up pretty much like the dozens of other reforms over the past decades.  It’s pretty far fetched to expect much positive change in the tax code from a Senate that is controlled by DemonRats and a signature from a communist acting pResident.

This comic that Sherry found is similar to my infamous poster of how tax legislation works.   


 photo LawBecomesShit_zps4fc1d3e6.jpg


Dave Camp: How to Fix Our Appalling Tax Code –  WSJ 


Why it’s nearly impossible to pass tax reform – JWR (Dana Milbank)


House Republicans unveil tax reform plan — does it stand a chance?  –  FoxNews 


Why tax reform is needed, and why it is doomed – JWR (David Shribman)


Camp tax plan gives Boehner, and Washington, the blahs – Wash. Post


Reining In the IRS – National Review


Camp Unveils Tax Reform Package to Mixed Reaction – CCH


Hurray for GOP Tax Plan – JWR (Froma Harrop)


 photo ReformingDeathEasier140228_zps7679e157.gif


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