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Archive for February 7th, 2015

Is there anything the Left doesn’t want to tax?

Posted by taxguru on February 7, 2015

Of course not.  Everything is fair game to the Left, who consider all money to rightfully belong to them, to be spent as only they can do properly.

Former Obama Adviser: We Should Tax Fat People By Body Weight – Jonathan Gruber strikes again.  Can’t you just see how this idiotic plan would play out?  Every April 15, we all go step up on the official Big Brother scale, where we are assessed a tax for each pound we are above the official allowable weight.



Obama Wants Your Retirement Account – I’ve been warning about this scary scenario since the Clinton Organized Crime Family occupied the White House. Every so often, the Left raises a trial balloon of ways for the government to steal some or all of the growing amount of  money in private retirement accounts.  Changing the rules on such things as tax free Roth IRAs has always been a  possibility for our rulers in DC, who have no conscience about reneging on promises.



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