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Archive for January 8th, 2016

IRS scaling back customer service even more

Posted by taxguru on January 8, 2016

Unless you have a question about problems with your own specific account, asking IRS for tax advice on how to handle things on tax returns has always been a bad idea.  By their own admission, they answer more questions incorrectly than properly.  Their phone advice has never been admissible as a defense against penalties. 

Consulting with a professional tax practitioner has always been the more prudent way to go and well worth the cost.  Our information is usually more accurate than what IRS employees dispense.  More important, if a tax pro gives bad advice, you have recourse against him/her, unlike with IRS employees who can’t be held accountable for improper advice.

I bring this up because of a recent news story about IRS plans to make it even more difficult to get in touch with them.  Last year, they admitted to not answering or hanging up on a majority of phone calls from confused taxpayers. Now, they want to get everyone away from phones altogether and force them to use the internet.  Folks with no internet access will be SOL.

Report warns IRS’s online plans could hurt taxpayers

IRS Web Move May Leave Older, Poorer Filers Behind

IRS watchdog says agency may dramatically scale back certain services



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