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Archive for April 13th, 2016

Our IRS Masters

Posted by taxguru on April 13, 2016

This time of year, as we all slave away to stay in the good graces of our overlords at the IRS, a little dose of their character should be enlightening.  These are the people we are forced to reveal all of our secrets to or face prison time.

ID Fraud

It’s bad enough that so many freelance crooks are scamming innocent people to steal their identities and tax refunds.  Now, it appears that IRS is assisting in these crimes. 

IRS chief: Agency encourages illegal immigrant theft of SSNs to file tax returns

Since Commissioner Koskinen’s perjury to Congress last year about the Lois Lerner crimes wasn’t enough to remove him as head tax collector for the country, this news should hopefully do the job.  If only we had some political representatives in DC who understood the need to oppose the bHo Regime’s crimes and destructive actions. 


Making fun of Lois Lerner’s Crimes

The Capitol Steps, a group that performs political parody songs that usually have a slight leftist tilt, has posted an MP3 version of their song about the IRS attacks on Tea Party organizations.

When I.R.S. Guys Are Smiling

While slightly amusing, it is also a bit sad that such abusive use of government powers against political critics is now accepted as standard practice in this country.

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