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Archive for the ‘Clinton’ Category

The latest “Going-Nowhere” Headline

Posted by taxguru on August 20, 2016

IRS Launches Investigation Of Clinton Foundation

Anyone expecting this to lead to any actual actions against the Clinton Organized Crime Family must have the shortest memory in the world.  Before the announced results of the FBI’s investigation of Hitlery’s treasonous actions with her email, the FBI chief had a public reputation of being an honest straight shooting law enforcement official.  That reputation was shot to smithereens when he proclaimed that laws do not apply to the Clintons. 

With the IRS, we have a commissioner and other top officials who have already  publicly perjured themselves in order to cover up crimes committed by the current bHo Regime.  To expect any of them to in the least bit sully the great philanthropic reputation of the Clinton Crime Foundation is ludicrous.     


The Clinton Organized Crime Family has raked in billions of dollars in bribes from around the world that have been used to keep them living the lives of kings and queens.  If they succeed in retaking the White House, their takings will reach into the trillions, as they will have the ability to plunder the full US Treasury.

On the campaign trail, Billary will actually continue to brag about their charitable giving because of the millions they have deducted on their 1040s for payments to their illegal crime foundation.

A good summary of how their crime foundation works is the recently released documentary version of the extremely well documented and not disproven book, Clinton Cash.  The full documentary is available on YouTube.


Update: Hillary’s campaign denies FBI, IRS investigations into Clinton Foundation

Normally, given Hitlery’s track record of having 99.99% of everything she has said being an outright lie, this could very well be true.  Both IRS and FBI are tools of the bHo Regime and are being used very aggressively to maintain DemonRat control of the government. It’s futile to expect anyone at IRS or FBI to do anything to harm the Clintons’ chances of taking back the White House for their third and fourth terms. 

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2015 Clinton 1040 Revealed

Posted by taxguru on August 19, 2016

The Clinton campaign released a copy of the Billary Clinton 2015 1040 to the public today, even though they were signed on 3/27/16.  No mention of why they waited four and a half months to release the return.

You can download a copy of this return via the Tax Analysts’ web-page I mentioned a little while ago.  It’s a 40 page PDF file.

I glanced over the return and have a few observations.

Gifts to Charity on Schedule A is $1,042,000.  The details of this on backup Schedule 4 are as follows: 

Desert Classic Charities                                       $42,000
The Clinton Crime Family Foundation           $1,000,000

Just as I discussed last year, 96% of the Clinton “charitable donations” for 2015 are payments to their own personally controlled illegal organized crime foundation.

From Daily Caller: 96 Percent Of Hillary’s Charitable Donations In 2015 Went To Clinton Foundation plus interesting discussion of this on



Something that I haven’t seen mentioned anywhere else.  Besides Bill’s use of an LLC (WJC, LLC) on Schedule C for consulting income, Hitlery is also using her own LLC on two Schedules C to report speaking and writing income.  She also used this LLC on their 2014 1040. It’s called ZFS Holdings, LLC.  No mention of what the initials ZFS stand for.  Does anybody know?

As with their 2014 disclosure, there are no copies of their State income tax returns, although you can see that they deducted $1,369,277 for State Income Taxes Paid on Schedule A of their 1040.


Trump is standing firm on his strategy of not making public his tax returns, in spite of Hitlery’s attempts to publicly harass and shame him into doing so.  Given the fact that IRS and other government agencies  flagrantly break all laws in the support of DemonRat politicians, I’m sure someone at IRS will "accidentally" leak copies of the Trump tax returns to their allies in the left-wing press who are acting as blatant propagandists for the DemonRat Party.




TaxCoach Software: Are you giving your clients what they really want?

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Clinton Tax Returns & Questionable Donations

Posted by taxguru on July 31, 2015

One of the benefits of the extremely lengthy presidential campaign season in this country is the ability of the general public to take a peek into the private tax returns of those candidates who choose to make theirs available for viewing.

As has been all over the news today, the Clinton campaign has posted download links for several of Bill & Hitlery’s individual income tax returns here on her website.  They have the Federal individual income tax returns for the years 2007 through 2014.  No copies of State income tax returns are included.

I’m not planning to spend the time dissecting each of those tax returns in great detail.  However, I do feel a need to point out that these 1040s reveal only a tiny fraction of the income that the Clinton Family has received over the past years because they do not show the other entities that they use to funnel income and expenses through, such as the infamous Clinton Crime Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative that have brought in hundreds of millions of dollars in “donations” (aka bribes) from all over the world and which have been used fro the personal benefit of the Clintons.

What is another Clinton stretching of the truth (aka Lie) is the claim of how much they have donated to charity for those years.  From her website:

“Since 2007, we have … made $14,959,450 in charitable contributions.”

Looking at the details on the tax returns, most of those “charitable contributions” were actually made to themselves via their foundation that has been exposed as a Clinton Family slush fund that gives practically nothing to real charities.

From the copies of the tax returns I downloaded:

2014 – $3,000,000 (out of a total charity deduction of $3,022,700) was to the Clinton Foundation

2013 – $3,057,000 (out of a total charity deduction of $3,078,000) was to the Clinton Foundation & Global Initiative

2012 – $1,800,000 (out of a total charity deduction of $1,825,650) was to the Clinton Foundation

2011 – $1,400,000 (out of a total charity deduction of $1,400,000) was to the Clinton Foundation

2010 – $1,000,000 (out of a total charity deduction of $1,000,000) was to the Clinton Foundation

2009 – $1,000,000 (out of a total charity deduction of $1,000,000) was to the Clinton Foundation

2008 – $550,000 (out of a total charity deduction of $550,000) was to the Clinton Foundation

2007 – $3,019,000 (out of a total charity deduction of $3,083,100) was to the Clinton Foundation

Totals for Eight Years:
      $14,826,000  (99.11%)  of $14,959,450  total donations were paid to the Clinton Foundation and Global Initiative  

I realize that, of all the crimes that the Clintons have committed, this pales in comparison; but it is the one area that my skill-set makes easiest for me to detect.

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More “Do as I Say, Not as I Do” from DemonRats

Posted by taxguru on June 18, 2014

To be a good faithful liberal member of the JackAss Party, it has long been a requirement to be very comfortable with massive amounts of hypocrisy and with stretching the truth (aka Lying).  The Clinton Family has never had any problems with either of these requirements and are masters at both, as in this interesting piece from Bloomberg about tax savings steps the Clintons use privately, while publicly calling for high confiscatory taxes on everyone else.   

 Wealthy Clintons Use Trusts to Limit Estate Tax They Back


Not long ago, Bill Clinton was giving speeches, bragging about all of the money he was making and how great it was that he was in the highest tax bracket.

 Bill Clinton: ‘I Thank God Every April 15′ That I Can Pay Highest Aggregate Tax


 photo BillCLintonRich_zps15b4fac3.jpg



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Dog bites man…

Posted by taxguru on May 29, 2010

Clinton: ‘The rich are not paying their fair share’ – Back in the “good old days” when journalism was about reporting actual news and not acting as propagandists for a political party, there was a maxim that a dog biting a man wasn’t news; but a man biting a dog is.

A life-long dyed in the wool Marxist calling for more government confiscation from the producers of the country is no more news than a statement that it’s hot during the Summer months. Real news would be when a Marxist like Clinton or her “boss” 0Bambi says something to embrace the concepts of capitalism and free enterprise.

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Amended Clinton Tax Return?

Posted by taxguru on April 26, 2008


Subject: hillary clinton tax return blog post

One of my co-workers ran across your blog post about a possible error on Hillary’s return.

Note the last 2 pages of the 2004 pdf on the Clinton website, where it has an amended return.


I did see that 1040X. However, the changes it had were not in any way related to the issues raised by my readers and posted on my blog. Those questions have yet to be answered.

Thanks for writing.

Kerry Kerstetter

(Click on image for full size)

(Click on image for full size)

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Posted by taxguru on April 7, 2008

Clinton Tax Lessons – Some interesting commentary on the Clinton tax returns from the WSJ.

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Funny bottom lines…

Posted by taxguru on April 5, 2008


Subject: Clinton’s 2004 Tax Return?

How could Line 73 (amount on Line 71 applied to your 2005 Estimated Tax) be $867,968 wheaeas Line Line 71 (Overpaid) is $826,020 ???


Good catch. I guess I shouldn’t have skipped over those middle years when I was perusing the 1040s.

A little while ago, when the Obamas released copies of their 1040s, I mentioned the possibility of the Clintons preparing phony versions of their tax returns to show to the public.

The problem with trying to do that is the need to make the numbers appear to be consistent from schedule to schedule and line to line. You may have spotted an example of somebody not being careful enough in that regard.

Thanks for pointing that out.

Kerry Kerstetter


Subject: 2005 Clinton Tax Returns??

Another Strange twist to this story:

2005 Return:

Also on Line 65 (2005 estimated tax payments and amount applied from 2004 return) $5,227.968 seems to reflect that $867,968 (Line 73 – 2004) was included or some part thereof.

From another CPA:

“And following along the strange twist line if you look at the 2006 return the amounts on line 65 seem to include the amount in some fashion from the 2005 return of 942,911 which was listed as a refund of overpayment but appears to be included in the estimated payments for 2006”.

Weird stuff

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Clinton Tax Returns

Posted by taxguru on April 5, 2008

It looks like the campaign for a third term in the White House is a little more demanding on the need for disclosure than they expected. They have released copies of their 2000 through 2006 1040s, along with a one page summary of their 2007 income.

Several other media outlets have covered summaries of the figures, such as in this article in the Washington Times. From a geeky tax pro perspective, I noted how the tax returns evolved from 10 pages for 2000 to 68 pages for 2006.

You can download each year separately from links on the bottom of this page on their website or from this 16.5 mb zipped file I created that includes all of the 2000-2007 files in one handy download.

This close to April 15, I obviously don’t have time to look over every page of these tax returns; but one other interesting schedule from a geeky perspective was this mortgage interest worksheet on page 38 of the 2006 1040. It shows the average personal residence mortgage to be $3,279,728 for the year, which means that only 33.5% of the interest they paid during the year was deductible because of the one million dollar limit on acquisition debt. This resulted in $105,673 of non-deductible interest for 2006.

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