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22 Billion Schedule Cs?

Posted by taxguru on September 5, 2010

I wonder how many other tax pros noticed this.  I was scanning over the hundreds of emails in my inbox, including dozens for tax webinars, and noticed this unusual sounding claim in one such ad.

Considering that there are approximately 300 million people living in the USA, and that the actual number of 1040s filed each year is in the 100 million range, how could there be 22 Billion Schedule Cs filed each year?  It is true that some tax returns have multiple Schedule Cs.  However, for that 22 Billion figure to be correct, every 1040 would have to have 220 Schedule Cs attached.  As much as I enjoy making fun of IRS mistakes, I have to assume this one came from the company promoting the webinar, Lorman Education Services.

Luckily, they seem to have detected their typo and have corrected this on their website and show the much more realistic figure of 22 Million.  As ridiculous as it was, at least they didn’t show it as 22 Trillion, a word that is  becoming too common in the lexicon of DC nowadays.

Not a big deal, but a small source of amusement over this long agonizing weekend.

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