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Posted by taxguru on January 18, 2001

Watch Out For Simply Postage

Always one willing to try new high tech things, I signed up in mid-1999 for NeoPost’s new Simply Postage service that allowed us to buy postage for the meter over the phone line. The meter was connected to a very nice digital scale. The system worked quite well and it was a lot more convenient than sticking on an assortment of postage stamps.

However, their accounting & billing departments were staffed by complete morons. Money sent in for postage was lost. The billing for the monthly meter rental was constantly screwed up. Taking a lesson from the phone companies, I had noticed that they were advertising lower rates for new customers than they were charging us. As with the phone companies, they don’t automatically match the rates for existing customers unless they call and complain or threaten to move to another company.

After several months of putting up with their crap, we sent the meter back and closed out our account. Now, in January of 2001, I just received a credit card statement where the imbeciles at NeoPost have charged me for three months of rental at $19.05 per month for a meter that had been sent back in March 2000. Getting this unraveled is looking to be another long process.

Stay away from these idiots. I have tested the service at, which lets you print postage on your regular computer printer, while being connected to the Internet. So far, it has worked fine and the billing has had no problems.


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