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He’s a lot smarter than it appears

Posted by taxguru on January 21, 2001

The media have been having a ball portraying our new president as a dunce. As a scholar on the subject of intelligence, my research on George W. Bush has led me to reach a very different assessment.

He and his people haven’t discouraged this portrayal because it is intended to lull his opponents into a false sense of superiority. It is a kind of hustle, as with a pool shark who pretends to have no skill. It’s similar to the sand-bagging that Ronald Reagan used, so that the opposition’s defenses are down. Reagan was actually able to accomplish quite a bit during his time in office by using the “lovable dunce” routine. On the other hand, George H. W. Bush was continually shafted by the donkeys because he showed too much self-confidence. It’s another sign of GWB’s intelligence that he learned this very thing from his GOP predecessors.

If it helps him defeat the Socialists in the JackAss Party in their quest to completely destroy the Constitution, I’m all for this approach.

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