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Posted by taxguru on February 3, 2001

Speak Up For Tax Cuts

The time has probably never been better for a real reduction in the tax burden, both with income and estate taxes, with the GOP controlling both the Congress and the White House. However, the outcry from the knee-jerk opponents of any tax reduction is growing louder by the day. The JackAss Party and their allies in the media continue to hammer their mantra that the majority of people don’t want a tax cut and that any tax cut would be a windfall for the evil rich people in this country.

Both of these arguments are complete garbage, as well as the one that Ronald Reagan’s 1982 tax cut caused the huge deficit. However, the longer these lies are repeated without any opposition, the more they will sink into the national consciousness. Silence equals consent. When you say nothing to contradict even the most inane statement, it is perceived as agreement on your part.

I encourage you to contact your elected representatives in Washington and write letters to the editors of your local papers to let them know that you do think it’s long overdue that our income and estate taxes are reduced.


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