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Archive for December 14th, 2003

Posted by taxguru on December 14, 2003

Off the Mark – More on one of my big pet peeves – how people trust the Federal budget predictions from the CBO when they are nothing more than WAGs (wild ass guesses) and they never come true. I have long said that anyone who claims to believe those numbers to be anything close to real is either a liar, an idiot or both. Any media person who quotes CBO figures as if they were authoritative also has a credibility problem.

Potomac Fever – Why term limits are the only way we can have any hope of saving the Constitution. Even the most idealistic folks become corrupted by their royal powers in DC.

Governor Arnold will face pressure to increase taxes or make cuts – If he’s smart, he’ll choose the option of cutting spending. If the people of the PRC had wanted higher taxes, they would have let Gray Davis finish out his term.

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