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Posted by taxguru on December 17, 2003

Amazingly, there are lots of people who think this way. They like to flush money down the toilet just so they can deduct the loss. There is a very appropriate name for such people – Idiots.

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Posted by taxguru on December 17, 2003

A looming tax battle in Virginia

Social Security Reform: Saving the system, saving grace

Online Financial Crime Headed From Bad to Worse

Spitzer overboard – Not everyone is impressed with the NY Attorney General’s rampage against mutual funds.

Pricey House for Salvation Army Official Assailed – Not very consistent of the image most of us have of the SA.

Generalized Welfare – The terribly exploited phrase that big government fans use to justify their control over every aspect of our lives in this country.

The party of big spenders – Bush and the GOP are doing everything they can to co-opt the traditional DemonRat issues, including earning this nickname.

The Right to Shut Up and Pay Your Taxes – Removing freedom of speech from the Constitution is a very dangerous trend. It’s not just the treasonous Supreme Court that’s responsible. All of the rulers in Congress who voted for this muzzle on free speech are equally to blame, as is George W. Bush for signing it into law instead of vetoing it as he is obligated to do under his oath of office. Our founding fathers are definitely spinning in their graves over this desecration of their First Amendment. When it’s become illegal to criticize our elected officials, the American Revolution against tyranical rule by royalty sort of seems like a wasted effort.

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