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Don’t give up on the Fair Tax…

Posted by taxguru on April 16, 2007

From a reader:

Subject: A Word of Thanks

Mr. Kerstetter,

I ran across your blog & website today while searching for a graphic to go along with the pro-FairTax post I am preparing for my own blog.

As I looked through your sites, I just had to say thank you for your support of free market economics & tax reform. It’s great!

Chuck Layne

My Reply:


I appreciate those kind words and knowing that there are others out there fighting for tax reform.

Please send me a link to your post on this and I’ll mention it in my blog.

Thanks for writing.

Kerry Kerstetter



Thank you for the offer to mention my post. The blog is at

The comics you have are priceless!

Chuck Layne

Besides Chuck’s post on the Fair Tax, I want to echo a caller on last Friday’s Rush Limbaugh show, who chastised the substitute host, Tom Sullivan, for being so dismissive of the Fair Tax movement just because it is so seemingly impossible to conceive of success. That my be the case; but we do still have to have some hope that our long national nightmare of being slaves to the IRS can end some day.

Neal Boortz’s book on the Fair Tax.

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