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Archive for April 17th, 2007

Posted by taxguru on April 17, 2007

From National Review Online:

Jay Nordlinger had this observation:

“We are admonished by our accountants not to send in our tax returns through the U.S. mail. Better to send them via some other means, to be sure they get there.

Isn’t that kind of comical? I mean, here we are, paying our taxes in order to have public services. And the U.S. mail is a service we don’t dare use, to pay for our services.”

Show Taxpayers the Spending. Government should have nothing to hide from those who fund it. – Phil Kerpen


America’s convoluted income-tax system should be optional – Deroy Murdock


Taxing Myths – Brian Riedl covers some of the mis-statements (aka lies) our left wing rulers and their media compatriots use, such as tax rate cuts created the deficit. For quite a while, this kind of statement has been one of the “litmus tests” I use to judge the intelligence and credibility of a person.  Anyone spouting such tripe has classified him/her self as an idiot, not to be believed or trusted on any subject.  I have recently added those who spout the Al Gore crapola about Americans being responsible for global warming to this litmus test for intelligence. Anyone stupid enough to fall for Gore’s idiotic theories that people are more powerful than the Sun really shouldn’t be trusted with sharp objects, much less have any of their opinions taken seriously on any subject.  


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Posted by taxguru on April 17, 2007

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Posted by taxguru on April 17, 2007

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