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Archive for October, 2012

Year-End Tax Planning

Posted by taxguru on October 27, 2012

ACAT has posted some handy year-end tax planning client letters that they adapted from CCH sources. 

For Businesses (4 page DOC)

For Individuals (4 page DOC)


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$500 Trillion Tax Cut?

Posted by taxguru on October 26, 2012

Another brilliant quote from our retarded VP, who has no ability to comprehend big numbers (courtesy of Rush Limbaugh).


What I haven’t seen or heard anyone mention is how close this numbskull is to becoming president.

It’s looking more and more to me as if 0Bambi’s second term would have to actually be served by that moron Joe “Bite-Me” Biden because of the Libya scandal.  It’s much worse than anything to do with Watergate was in the 1970s and will end up either forcing his resignation or impeachment.  It’s also a lot worse than Bill Clinton’s rapes and perjury because people were actually murdered while the Obama regime refused to do anything to help.  Hopefully, enough of the story can get out to the public before November 6 so it can deter any more votes for Obama and save us all the hassles of the impeachment.


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Posted by taxguru on October 23, 2012

Mr. President, Why Won’t You Help Us Avert National Bankruptcy? – David Limbaugh calls out 0Bambi and Little Timmy Geithner for their financial insanity.  It can’t be called incompetence because it is an intentional attempt to bankrupt the entire country.


Big Business Is Not Conservative – Crony capitalism is often just as dangerous to our freedoms as is Marxism.


Hundreds of local tax measures fill Calif. ballot –  230 potential tax hikes on ballots in the PRC. It’s a never-ending flood of taxes.


New York’s says lap dance isn’t art, is taxable – The definition of tax free Art is obviously in the mind of the tax collectors.



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Posted by taxguru on October 23, 2012

Some more good, because they’re true, tax jokes from the latest episode of NewsBusted.


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Cutting taxes by eliminating jobs…

Posted by taxguru on October 23, 2012

Psst, taxes go up in 2013 for 163 million workers –  Of course, this won’t be the case if the current regime stays in power and continues its destruction of private sector jobs around the country.  Fewer workers will mean fewer having to pay the higher payroll and income taxes.  The regime will then claim that they cut the taxes for millions of people.  It’s how they have been able to make it appear that the unemployment rate has dropped.


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Ammo Taxes?

Posted by taxguru on October 22, 2012

From Argus Hamilton:

Cook County Supervisors proposed a tax on every bullet sold in Chicago Thursday to help raise tax revenue to pay for cash-strapped government services. It’s only going to make the city less safe. At an extra dollar a bullet, warning shots will be a thing of the past.


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O’s Changes…

Posted by taxguru on October 18, 2012

Funny video by Steven Crowder, set to David Bowie’s classic song.



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Posted by taxguru on October 18, 2012

Tax reform will save American jobs – Even the left-wing USA Today is admitting that the USA’s extremely high corporate tax rates are hurting the economy.


Thomas Sowell’s Random Thoughts –  Another great batch, including the following.

• Not since the days of slavery have there been so many people who feel entitled to what other people have produced as there are in the modern welfare state, whether in Western Europe or on this side of the Atlantic.

• Economist Edward Lazear has cut through all of Barack Obama’s claims about “creating jobs” with one plain and inescapable fact — “there hasn’t been one day during the entire Obama presidency when as many Americans were working as on the day President Bush left office.” Whatever number of jobs were created during the Obama administration, more have been lost.

• Do either Barack Obama or his followers have any idea how many countries during the 20th century set out to “spread the wealth” — and ended up spreading poverty instead? At some point, you have to turn from rhetoric, theories and ideologies to facts.

• If you believe Barack Obama and others who oppose what they call “tax cuts for the rich,” you might want to consider what the late Daniel Patrick Moynihan once said: “You are entitled to your own opinion, but not to your own facts.” If you want to see some documented facts about tax rates and tax revenues, there is a box titled “Tax Cuts” on my web site ( Click on it.  (19 page pdf)

• If there is ever a Hall of Fame for confidence men, Charles Ponzi and Bernie Madoff will have to take a back seat to Barack Obama. Obama is the gold standard — or, perhaps more appropriately, the brass standard.


A Modest Proposal –  Walter Williams looks at the mess in the PRC.


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How banks make money…

Posted by taxguru on October 18, 2012

This scene from the BBC sitcom Cuckoo, where the title character learns about banks charging interest on loans, cracked me up.



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Posted by taxguru on October 15, 2012

Social Security increase for 2013 could be lowest since 1975 – They have some strange methods of calculating inflation for seniors.  It’s hard to reconcile the real world increases in food and fuel prices with the government’s COLA. 


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