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Archive for the ‘Biden’ Category

Obama & Biden Tax Returns

Posted by taxguru on April 11, 2015

As has been standard practice for several years, our top rulers in DC have revealed cleaned up copies of their personal income tax returns.  This year, this was done via the following blog post from the White House spokesman with the oxymoronic name, Josh Earnest.

President Obama and Vice President Biden’s 2014 Tax Returns

The direct download links for the returns:

The Bidens (33 page pdf)

The Obamas (38 page pdf)

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0Bama + Biden Tax Returns

Posted by taxguru on April 13, 2013

Copies of the 2012 tax returns for our royal families have been made public. You can download them as PDF files:

0Bama (38 pages) – Federal & Illinois returns.  Over $21,000 of AMT.

Biden (31 pages) – Federal, Delaware & Virginia returns.  Not claiming any depreciation on cottage being rented to Secret Service. Almost $6,000 of AMT.

And you can read various comments about the tax returns.

Obamas’ Tax Return Shows Lower Earnings – WSJ

The Obamas’ falling tax rate – Politico

Obama’s Tax Rate Was 18% – PJMedia

Landlord Joe Biden pocketed $26,400 in 2012 renting cottage to the Secret Service – Washington Times

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$500 Trillion Tax Cut?

Posted by taxguru on October 26, 2012

Another brilliant quote from our retarded VP, who has no ability to comprehend big numbers (courtesy of Rush Limbaugh).


What I haven’t seen or heard anyone mention is how close this numbskull is to becoming president.

It’s looking more and more to me as if 0Bambi’s second term would have to actually be served by that moron Joe “Bite-Me” Biden because of the Libya scandal.  It’s much worse than anything to do with Watergate was in the 1970s and will end up either forcing his resignation or impeachment.  It’s also a lot worse than Bill Clinton’s rapes and perjury because people were actually murdered while the Obama regime refused to do anything to help.  Hopefully, enough of the story can get out to the public before November 6 so it can deter any more votes for Obama and save us all the hassles of the impeachment.


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The Definition of “Evil Rich” is Subjective

Posted by taxguru on September 18, 2012

and changes so often that even the idiots in power can’t keep it straight, such as this recent example with our retarded VP, Joe “Bite Me” Biden.

From Blog Pix


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Obama & Biden Tax Returns

Posted by taxguru on April 13, 2012

The White House has posted pdf copies of their 2011 tax returns.

Obama –  48 pages.  1040 + Illinois + 709s for gifts to daughters.  

Biden –   25 pages.  1040 + Delaware + Virginia. 


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Global Minimum Tax?

Posted by taxguru on March 31, 2012

Illustrating once more why he is the most retarded Vice President this country has had, Joe “Bite-Me” Biden is publicly calling for even more taxes while we are still in the recession that he and his master have been prolonging.  Hopefully, this kind of candor will have the same result this November as when Walter Mondull promised to raise taxes in the 1980 election; a 49 state landslide win by the GOP candidate.

Courtesy of Rush Limbaugh:

From Blog Pix

In his own words, our clown VP demonstrates his imbecilic IQ. 


Update: It seems that Bite-Me’s boss also isn’t very well versed on what kind of rhetoric works well in presidential campaigns.

Obama Makes Election Year Call for Higher Tax Rates

Of course, since he considers himself to be a messiah, he truly believes that the consequences faced by a mere mortal such as Walter Mondull simply don’t apply to the all powerful Chosen One, Barack Hussein.


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