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Posted by taxguru on December 11, 2012

California’s Population is Moving Out, Census Report Shows –  Tax refugees moving to Texas.  Who would have predicted that?  Anyone with half a brain, which leaves out the morons in charge in Sacramento, as well as the imbeciles who vote for them.


Why are government statistics on taxpayer migration being discontinued? –  Interesting piece claiming that IRS is no longer reporting stats on taxpayer migration between states.  It seems to be another attempt by the BHO regime to hide the truth from the public, just like the distorted way in which they are calculating the unemployment rate. 


Americans believe public workers better paid and more secure –  In the current bizarro world that we have morphed into, those who used to be “public servants” are now our masters and we are their slaves.


The entire natural flow of the economy is being distorted because of the impending tax increases.  Just wait until the big sell-off in the stock market after Christmas.

Rich Gain as Companies Seek to Beat Obama Tax Increases 

Wall St Week Ahead: “Cliff” worries may drive tax selling


Dems join in calling for delay to ObamaCare medical device tax –  A headline that we may never see again; Dims opposing a new tax.


Peter Schiff: Majority Doesn’t “Have A Right To Steal My Money Just Because They Voted For It” –  Unfortunately, that is exactly how things are shaping up in this society.  We have mob rule, where the majority can vote to do anything they want to the “evil” minority, including taking everything they have legally acquired. Redistribution is one of 0bamao’s core beliefs, so this fits right in. 



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