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Posted by taxguru on February 14, 2013

Retail sales growth slows as higher taxes kick in – But according to Mensa reject Queen Nancy Pelosi, all of the unemployment benefits should more than make up for this.

Obama’s agenda is simple — take more of your money – The DemonRat credo.


Jack Lew Oversaw Up to 113 Cayman Island Investment Funds – This is only an evil thing when done by a Republican, such as Romney. DemonRats can do anything with impunity and freedom form criticism by the media.


Senators turn the tables on Caymans investor Jack Lew – Finally some in the GOP have the guts to point out an example of DemonRat hypocrisy. Of course, the media will ignore it and even assist in its cover-up.


People Are Leaving California for Texas in a Big Way


Austin seeing interest from California companies ‘double or triple,’ chamber says – The fewer companies staying in the PRC are going to have to carry even more of the burden of that crazy State’s taxes and regulations.


City hikes taxes on Sandy-hit houses – Governments are never expected to survive with lower tax revenues.


Steny Hoyer: We Don’t Have a “Spending” Problem; We Have a “Paying for” Problem – Perfect example of how little intelligence is required to be elected as a DemonRat.  In fact, the lower the IQ, the higher the Dim rises in the Party.


GOP’s Marco Rubio: ‘I hope the President will abandon his obsession with raising taxes’ – It looks like somebody is a bit disconnected from reality if he believes someone as steeped in Marxist and communist theology as 0baMao has been his entire life will ever entertain the idea of lower taxes. 


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