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Archive for February 22nd, 2013

Posted by taxguru on February 22, 2013

Audience Cheers and Applauds When Leno Says Obama ‘Doesn’t Understand Economics –  The official media spin is that the Regime is just incompetent and accidentally screwing up the economy.  The truth is that they are intentionally doing everything possible to destroy the economy and create such a huge depression that only a bigger and more powerful centralized government can “fix” things.


New Tax Codes Causing Delays In Filing 2012 Returns –  We all knew this was destined to be a very messy Tax Season.


Companies are dropping health coverage for spouses to cut costs –  Another obvious outcome from ObamaCare.


House Democrats propose a $10 billion transportation package that would gradually raise the gasoline tax to 47.5 cents a gallon within five years –  It’s not enough to just force the price of gas up by limiting supply, the Dims need to add more taxes.  It won’t be long before 0baMao realizes his stated goal of $9.00 per gallon gasoline. 


Firms Puzzle Over Tax Riddle –  Choosing the most appropriate business entity is still very confusing for just about everyone and should never be attempted without assistance from a professional tax advisor.  (Thanks to Ohio CPA Dana Stahl for this article)


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