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Archive for the ‘TaxNews’ Category

Posted by taxguru on May 9, 2013

Lauryn Hill Blames Slavery as She’s Jailed for $500,000 Unpaid Tax Bill –  Idiotic defense idea.


When It Comes to Health-Care Reform, the IRS Rules –  The crap pile called ObamaCare keeps growing by the day.


North Texans Spend Millions On Non-Existent Federal Taxes –  I’ve always wondered about all of the various obscure taxes on utility bills and whether they are legitimate or just a profit center for the utility.


When Will America Burst D.C.’s Bubble? –  I’m not the only one who thinks that DC is really on another planet in an alternate universe.


Pacquiao Takes Fight in Macau, U.S. Federal Income Tax Rate Proves Too High –  How many times do our rulers need to see examples of high tax rates motivating people to move? 


679 people renounced their US citizenship in 1st quarter of year, IRS says –  Extreme tax planning maneuver; but obviously worth it to these people.



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Posted by taxguru on May 3, 2013

After Checking Your Bank Account, Remember To Log Out, Close The Web Browser, And Throw Your Computer Into The Ocean –  Another funny parody from The Onion.


They Are Murdering Small Business: The Percentage Of Self-Employed Americans Is At A Record Low –  The DemonRat plan to destroy the private sector is continuing to succeed.


IRS Data Web Snares Mostly Low- and Middle-Income Taxpayers –  So much for just attacking the Evil Rich.  This article cites the IRS’s made-up number of a $400 billion tax gap.


Reid: More funding needed to prevent ObamaCare from becoming ‘train wreck‘ –  Under the logic used on the Planet Washington DC, when a program is a fundamental failure, just give it more money.


From Argus Hamilton:

President Obama said Tuesday he’s going to try to close down Guantanamo prison in Cuba. He admitted he’s not sure how. The best idea is to declare Gitmo a small business and require it to comply with ObamaCare, and in six months it will be a Goodwill Thrift Shop.

Mexico’s government said Tuesday it will ask President Obama for more legal jobs for Mexicans going to America and fewer deportations. They have a willing partner. President Obama is in Mexico to celebrate his favorite annual holiday, Sinko de Economy.


From Jay Leno:

President Obama is in Mexico. He’ll be on hand to celebrate Mexico’s economic successes over the last few years. See, that’s how it works now. If President Obama wants to celebrate an economic success, he actually has to leave the country.


Yesterday, President Obama met with Treasury Secretary Jack Lew in the White House. The treasury secretary meets once a month with the president — and he meets twice a month with the Chinese president.



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Posted by taxguru on April 15, 2013

 Likely tax cheats flock South, West –  A look at the IRS’s audit selection process.  Of course, as always, they begin from the premise that everyone cheats on their taxes and then they try to determine whose cheating is costing the almighty Federal government the most money.  We are all guilty and have to prove our innocence to the IRS’s satisfaction.


Wealth tax to pay for EU bail-outs –  This is in Germany, but we know our rulers in DC are considering the same kind of thing here.


Background checks amount to ‘new tax on guns,’ Coburn insists –  Taxes are intended to punish certain behaviors, so this fits the bill.


President Obama’s Weirdest New Taxes –  He and his regime never tire of thinking up ways to separate the private sector from its wealth and enlarge the Federal government.


Tax-portation bill. Senate passes $500M tax hike –  Why the nickname of Taxachusetts still applies to that state.


Medicare hike in Obama budget could hit some in middle class –  They call it “Means Testing.” I call it “Mean Testing” because it punishes people who have made good decisions. 


President Obama’s budget would increase Medicare premiums for wealthier seniors –  In this case, Evil Rich is defined as annual income over $85,000 per person, including the mandatory withdrawals from retirement accounts that people over 70.5 have to take..


IRS denies using emails to target taxpayers –  The funniest thing I have seen in quite a while;  IRS claiming to respect taxpayer rights and privacy.  That’s not how it works in the real world.


Tax Freedom Day 2013 is April 18 — Five Days Later than Last Year –  Just a few more days and what we earn is ours and not slave labor for our masters.


Obama’s budget levies $1 trillion in new taxes; That’s compromise? –  Of course it’s compromise when he stared with twice as much in new taxes.


Mitt Romney was right (on taxes) –  According to this poll, most people agree with the premise that taking steps to legally reduce one’s tax burden is acceptable and not inherently unpatriotic, as the DemonRat leaders claim.


Obama’s 2014 budget numbers are based on bad math, phantom revenues, imagined spending cuts and a middle-class tax hike –  They seem perfectly reasonable on the planet that the DC DemonRats inhabit.



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Posted by taxguru on April 9, 2013

Trust in Gold Not Bernanke as U.S. States Promote Bullion – It’s great to see that some states aren’t just bending over and allowing the corrupt Federal Reserve have all-encompassing control over our lives.


IRS collecting tax payer information from Facebook and Twitter –  It’s hard to feel sorry for anyone stupid enough to brag about cheating on their taxes in any public forum.


Financial responsibility, Obama-style – The best satire has roots in the truth, and the trust is that we have a financial terrorist in the White House.



From Argus Hamilton:

The Dawn of the Planet of the Apes begins shooting in Hollywood after Fox cast Gary Oldman and Keri Russell in the lead roles. What a story. In the movie, the apes take over everything, and in two months the budget is balanced and the national debt is paid off.


 NBC gave Jay Leno fifteen million dollars to bow out as host of the Tonight Show last week. This only two years after NBC gave Conan O’Brien thirty million dollars not to host the Tonight Show. For some reason, America’s farm policy has come to the coast.



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Posted by taxguru on April 9, 2013

Obama’s feeble salary ‘sacrifice – Dana Milbank looks at the pResident’s idiotic symbolic gesture of giving back a mere $20,000 a year while still earning millions of dollars and living a life of royalty.



Blowing up another bubble: Easy money helps Wall Street and threatens Main Street –  A lot of corrupt shenanigans propping up Wall Street; but that bubble will soon burst because the Fed can’t continue to create money out of thin air forever.


25 important things to remember as an investor – Many of these points are very true.


When the Government Goes Bankrupt – Andrew Napolitano looks at the growing trend of governments going broke and defaulting on their financial obligations. 



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Posted by taxguru on April 5, 2013

Obama Budget to Include Cuts to Programs in Hopes of Deal –  As I have always warned, making long term plans based on Social Security and Medicare is risky because our rulers in DC have no qualms about changing the terms at a moment’s notice.  No private investment or insurance company would get away with such after the fact modifications; but our rulers are like royalty and allowed to do anything they want in order to stay in power. 


Tens of thousands Obamacare ‘navigators’ to be hired –  What a great solution to high unemployment.  Pass legislation with thousands of pages of gibberish, add in tens of thousands of pages of inane regulations and then hire hundreds of  thousands of new government employees to try to explain the rules to the peons who are forced to use the new socialized medical system.  There are similarities in this scenario to the tax system, except for the fact that we in the practitioner community are not government employees (yet). 


After Taxes, Romo the Highest Paid NFL QB –  It’s not how much you gross that matters, but how much you can keep after the government rulers take their share.


20 Hidden taxes of Obamacare! –  And that’s just the beginning.  Dozens more are also in the works in the bowels of Washington DC.


New $25 Gun Tax Begins In Cook County –  Anything and everything can be taxed by our insatiable money hungry rulers.


Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway Investors Will Voluntarily Pay “Buffett Rule” Tax –  An appropriate April Fools story from Americans For Tax Reform, as is obvious with the accompanying picture.


Stephen Baldwin avoids jail with guilty plea in tax case –  For some unexplained reason, he didn’t pay New York state taxes and now owes them $300,000 for 2008 –  2010.   



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Posted by taxguru on March 31, 2013

Americans Are Migrating To More Free Republican States –  Voting with our feet.


States eye gas tax hikes to cover cash shortfalls, transportation projects –  As if gas prices weren’t high enough already, greedy politicians have to pump them up even more.


Barack Obama’s Great Redistributionist Lie –  Just one of many Marxist lies promulgated by the DemonRats.


Authorities: $600M scheme incubated in NC town –  Gullible people still fall for privately run Ponzi schemes that should be obvious to anyone with half a brain.


Fairy-tale budgeting: Both Dems and Republicans base their figures on fantasies –  and SWAGs with ridiculous assumptions.  What else can we expect from rulers who live on a different planet than we mere mortals do?


Democrats ‘think you don’t send enough of your money to Washington’ –  Because they believe all money rightfully belongs to the imperial rulers in DC.


60 Completely Outrageous Ways The U.S. Government Is Wasting Money – I’m sure such a list could be hundreds of times as long, as our rulers have long ago given up any pretense of adhering to constitutional standards for the use of tax dollars. 


Obamacare May Cost Small Business ‘Whiners’ 65% of Annual Profits – The PR campaign to malign anyone who complains about ObamaCare continues to grow. It is considered blasphemy to criticize anything that our messiah has done.


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Posted by taxguru on March 22, 2013

High-Earning New Yorkers To Be Extended – Another “Temporary” tax that becomes permanent, as they all do.


Customers at Rhode Island eateries need to fill out form if paying with $100 bill –  Too many fake 100s.



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Posted by taxguru on March 21, 2013

House committee votes to fire federal workers who owe back taxes – Anyone expecting 0baMao to actually sign such a bill into law is nuts. He would lose most of his cabinet and staff.


Bill Maher Discovers His Inner Grover Norquist – From Larry Elder



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Posted by taxguru on March 20, 2013

Bill Maher threatens to leave California — due to high taxes –  But he had no problem donating a million dollars to high tax loving ObaMao.  Standard hypocrisy for the DemonRats.


Workers Saving Too Little to Retire –  from the WSJ


California businesses fuming over retroactive $120M tax grab –  Expecting Jerry Brown to rule in the favor of businesses on this matter is insane.


ObamaCare Tax Increases Are Double Original Estimate –  That’s how it always works,  Our rulers intentionally understate the costs of legislation, knowing that it will be too late to do anything about it when reality hits.  They are never punished for these kinds of lies.


Stressed Tax Preparers Find Relief in Mardi Gras, Massages


Lawmakers eye new taxes on guns, ammo in latest wave of legislation  –  They consider it a punishable sin to want to protect ourselves.


Too much talk of taxing –  And not enough about spending cuts.


Obama and Bernanke Already Pulled a Cyprus – The new 3.8% Medicare tax on investment income.


Social Security truths — as hard as they may be to stomach – Some facts about the Washington DC run Ponzi Scheme that we are all forced to participate in.


Medicare: A dangerously good deal – Another Washington DC fiasco that we are all forced to be part of.


Income tax 101 – A brief summary of the income tax system in this country.


We’re upside down and debt crash is coming – Thanks to 0baMao and his fellow DemonRats, as well as the unwillingness of the GOP to do anything to stop it.



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