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Posted by taxguru on April 9, 2013

Trust in Gold Not Bernanke as U.S. States Promote Bullion – It’s great to see that some states aren’t just bending over and allowing the corrupt Federal Reserve have all-encompassing control over our lives.


IRS collecting tax payer information from Facebook and Twitter –  It’s hard to feel sorry for anyone stupid enough to brag about cheating on their taxes in any public forum.


Financial responsibility, Obama-style – The best satire has roots in the truth, and the trust is that we have a financial terrorist in the White House.



From Argus Hamilton:

The Dawn of the Planet of the Apes begins shooting in Hollywood after Fox cast Gary Oldman and Keri Russell in the lead roles. What a story. In the movie, the apes take over everything, and in two months the budget is balanced and the national debt is paid off.


 NBC gave Jay Leno fifteen million dollars to bow out as host of the Tonight Show last week. This only two years after NBC gave Conan O’Brien thirty million dollars not to host the Tonight Show. For some reason, America’s farm policy has come to the coast.



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