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Archive for June 2nd, 2013

Posted by taxguru on June 2, 2013

From Argus Hamilton:

Capitol Hill prepared four IRS investigations for targeting conservative groups this week. It’s crazy. So many investigations are raining down on the White House that the governors of Oklahoma and New Jersey just declared the White House a disaster area.


Wall Street investors celebrated Tuesday as the Dow Jones averages reached double what they were when Barack Obama took office. Speculators no longer denounce the president for his socialist leanings. They’re starting to wonder what a communist could do.


Wall Street soared Tuesday with the Dow Jones doubling where it was when Barack Obama took office. The numbers don’t lie. They cement President Obama’s place as the worst socialist in U.S. history and President Bush’s place as the worst capitalist in U.S. history.


President Obama was in Chicago Wednesday for a Democratic Party gala. It’s the city where he gets his spiritual advice. However the president’s séance with the late Mayor Daley was interrupted when Al Capone broke in to gripe about getting targeted by the IRS.


The IRS was sued in Washington D.C. by twenty-five conservative groups for targeting them. The scrutiny went on for three years. Rush Limbaugh tried to draw tacklers away from the groups when he introduced his own brand of tea but the IRS didn’t go for the fake.


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