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Posted by taxguru on August 3, 2013

Obama scandals phony or have we elected a phony president? –  Dave Weinbaum summarizes a few of the crimes that the BHO regime has been caught committing, including this on the IRS

Lois “Fifth Amendment” Lerner, the IRS manager has admitted to flagging Tea Party Applications to form tax-exempt 501 (C) (4) s. Some of these apps have been illegally held for years without approval. Sworn testimony before Congress has tied the man who gave direct orders to discriminate against the law, Obama- appointed lawyer William Wilkens to the WH. According to White House logs, Wilkens was at the 1600 Pennsylvania two days before giving the marching orders for IRS agents to shove Tea partier applications into the permanently delayed file. Testimony from Tea Party victims has revealed their inability to raise money to support Mitt Romney, thus swaying a Presidential election to Obama, whose backing organizations remained unencumbered.


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