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Archive for August 9th, 2013

The “Phony” IRS Scandal is still going on…

Posted by taxguru on August 9, 2013

IRS caressed liberals, harassed conservatives – Deroy Murdock


IRS agent: Tax agency is still targeting Tea Party groups –  Of course, the MSM will ignore and cover this up, as is their sworn duty to their omnipotent lord and savior, the Great BHO.


IRS official who oversaw Cincinnati exempt operations office during scandal gets promotion –  A dose of reality for anyone expecting any actual punishment of the IRS employees committing crimes.  Illegal activities in support of the BHO agenda are no longer even considered as “crimes” by our rulers.


Fox News Poll: Phony scandals? Not to voters –  Not everyone is being fooled by the MSM and BHO Regime’s propaganda. 

And while the White House sees a Congressional investigation of the IRS targeting of conservative groups as a “distraction,” 59 percent of voters take it seriously. Some 33 percent agree with the administration that it’s fake.


Proving how coordinated the use of several different government agencies was to attack critics of the BHO Regime.  This would be a text-book RICO case if done by anyone else than the protected class in power.

Another Agency Goes IRS – FEC is involved.


FEC vice-chair says email raises questions of improper contact with IRS   


The Other Targeting Scandal – So is the SEC.


The targeting of conservative groups is part of the long-time assault by campaign-finance scolds on the First Amendment. –  From Bradley Smith at WSJ.


IRS Minimizing Scandal Targeting Religious, Pro-Life Groups – “Move along. Nothing to see here.” 


House votes to block IRS from Obamacare role – How can an agency that is already abusing its power be trusted with even more powers and control over Americans? 


Examiner Editorial: End the IRS’ role in regulating political speech – it’s about time someone put a limit on the IRS’s ability to blatantly ignore the Constitution. 


IRS manual detailed DEA’s use of hidden intel evidence


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