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Archive for September, 2013

New ObamaCare Taxes

Posted by taxguru on September 17, 2013

A great infographic of many of the new taxes created by the insane ObamCare law.

Click on the thumbnail version below for full size or check out the source page. It’s huge.

  New ObamaCare Taxes photo ObamaCareTaxes_Infographic-700x5592_zpsa9adc47a.jpg

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Posted by taxguru on September 17, 2013

IRS workers turn to elite D.C. lawyers for defense –  Just like their fellow organized crime bosses do.


Treasury: Debt Up $0 in August; CBO: But Deficit Was $146B – See more at:
Treasury: Debt Up $0 in August; CBO: But Deficit Was $146B – See more at:
Treasury: Debt Up $0 in August; CBO: But Deficit Was $146B – See more at:
Treasury: Debt Up $0 in August; CBO: But Deficit Was $146B – See more at:
Treasury: Debt Up $0 in August; CBO: But Deficit Was $146B – See more at:
Treasury: Debt Up $0 in August; CBO: But Deficit Was $146B – See more at:

Treasury: Debt up $0 in August; CBO: But Deficit Was $146B –  Our rulers in DC have been cooking the books and using more phony accounting tricks than a hundred Enrons.  The big difference is that our rulers are treated as royalty and will never see the inside of a jail cell for the trillions they have plundered from the American people.


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Posted by taxguru on September 17, 2013

From Argus Hamilton:

The Rim Fire at Yosemite National Park in California burned on into its fourth week Monday. So far it’s charred a quarter million acres. However, Gov. Jerry Brown said it’s now all under control, he plans to tax and regulate the fire till it gives up and moves to Nevada.


The White House announced unemployment is at its lowest level in five years if you don’t count the people who have given up looking for work. Nobody partied on the news. Most Americans just want to know when the Dollar Store is going to start selling gas.


Australian voters gave a stunning victory to the Conservative Party Saturday. They elected a government that pledged to lower taxes, reduce crime, cut welfare and halt illegal immigration. Australia is clearly competing with Arizona as the site of the last stand.


President Obama jousted with Vladimir Putin over an attack on Syria Friday. There’s really no need to drop bombs. If President Obama really wanted to destroy Syria, he’d drop his economic advisors on the country and in six weeks we’d have them on their knees.


New Jersey resident Mario Scarnici was identified Sunday as the final winner of this month’s Powerball Lottery jackpot. He will take home sixty-two million dollars after taxes. He celebrated afterwards by telling his five kids that three of them can go to college.


California Controller John Chiang ripped the state’s bankrupt cities for irresponsible spending on retiree benefits to city workers and labor contracts. It will take years to dig out. Stockton is so broke the Ninety-Nine Cent Store has been accused of price-gouging.


Russia’s president Vladimir Putin was reported Sunday to have amassed a fortune of over seventy billion dollars since he took over the country. And this guy was raised a communist. Imagine how rich he’d be if he didn’t believe in the re-distribution of wealth.


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Tax Refugees

Posted by taxguru on September 15, 2013

Excellent look at how much wealth has moved from high tax states to low and zero income tax states, a real life strategy I have been working with people on for decades. It’s always heartening to see where people refuse to just bend over and let their States fiscally rape them.



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Posted by taxguru on September 14, 2013

From Fred Thompson: 

Congressional Democrats are pushing a bill that would massively increase the tax on guns and ammunition. Great idea. Violent criminals would never cheat on their taxes.


Americans for Tax Reform estimates that taxpayers will be forced to spend a total of 7.5 million hours each year complying with Obamacare. Huh. Guess it’s a good thing they’ll only have part-time jobs.


A new report shows that the State Department is spending nearly $30 million on janitorial services for its buildings. Why go to outside help? Look how good they are at sweeping things under the rug on Benghazi.


During an interview on PBS, President Obama complained that “the marketplace increasingly produces very unequal results.” Um… maybe that’s because people put in very unequal efforts.


Democrat Congresswoman Marcia Fudge said it was up to Congress “to make sure that no child goes hungry”. Well, I guess the country WOULD be better off if more Congressmen left DC and took up farming.



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Posted by taxguru on September 12, 2013

Study: ObamaCare could cost billions more than anybody projected –  Another “duh” moment.  It has long been standard operating procedure for our Rulers in DC to intentionally lie about the expected costs of new government programs in order to get the votes needed to pass.  Social Security and Medicare have actual costs thousands of times more than their supporters had claimed.  By the time the true costs are apparent, it’s too late to go back and undo the program.  The BHO Regime and his fellow DemonRats in Congress lied their asses off about the costs of this fiasco and now are pretending to act all shocked and surprised about it. 


More proof that IRS hit-woman Lois Lerner belongs in prison; but will most likely receive a big promotion and pay raise for her efforts to assist the BHO Regime in suppressing opposition. 

Lois Lerner Emails undercut the official IRS story on political targeting. –   WSJ

Emails show IRS official Lerner involved in Tea Party screening –  FoxNews





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ObamaCare = Economic Terrorism

Posted by taxguru on September 10, 2013

The Rich and Sick Taxed to Pay for Health Care Reform –  As if nobody could see this coming from miles away, in spite of the lies from the DemonRats and their stooges in the media.


Now it’s the 43 percent: Fewer paying no income tax –  As the new ObamaCare taxes kick in, even more people will be paying taxes for their “free” healthcare.


GOP: Obama promised health premiums would drop $2,500; Fact: They’re up $3,000 –  Another bit of non-news that anyone who understands the effects of government meddling in the free market could have predicted.


Let’s face it: The US job market is dead in the water and not getting better –  Exactly as orchestrated by our Messiah, BHO The Magnificent.  His willful and  intentional destruction of the private sector economy continues unabated. 


The destructive powers of the insane ObamaCare legislation have already begun and will do a ton of damage to just about everybody.

Business Owners May Face $100-Per-Day Penalty Under ObamaCare

Consumers could be surprised at tax time due to federal health law


It’s not only current workers who are getting screwed over by our new socialized medical system.

IBM, Time Warner retiree changes to health care called harbingers of a trend

GE, IBM Ending Retiree Health Plans in Historic Shift


Groups race to hire, train ‘Obamacare’ guides –  The one guaranteed growth industry –  dealing with the ever expanding piles of government BS. 


Obamacare Medical Device Tax Causes One Company to Lay Off Over 1,000 People



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Posted by taxguru on September 8, 2013

From Fred Thompson:

The state of Illinois is hiring workers at $9 an hour to sign people up for Obamacare. Of course, if it weren’t for Obamacare, those workers would still be working somewhere else.


During a speech at State University of New York at Buffalo, President Obama said “at some point, the government’s going to run out of money”. Um, Mr. President? That point was about $17 trillion ago.


The Justice Department is suing the state of Louisiana to prevent low-income students from using vouchers to attend private schools. Well, that’s one way to keep people from being able to read about government scandals.


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Another goofy IRS training video…

Posted by taxguru on September 7, 2013

This time, they spoof the Donald Trump Apprentice show.  No explanation of why the names are redacted; but I’d bet Lois Lerner and her cronies had some influence on that decision.



 IRS admits to pricey Donald Trump parody  



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Posted by taxguru on September 2, 2013

From Argus Hamilton:


House Democrats announced a bill to double the taxes on all firearms and slap a fifty percent tax on bullets. It’s silly. The number of wounded gangsters is just going to pile up if it is no longer cost-effective for you to lay down a cover fire for them to make it to the car.


President Obama told CNN Friday that Republicans in Congress are afraid of passing a budget that funds ObamaCare because of what Rush Limbaugh will say. The radio star pays cash for his medical care from his savings. It’s an idea that could destroy the economy.


President Obama proposed a rating system for colleges that measures every school’s cost-effectiveness. He said students are graduating in debt with no jobs. President Obama could lower taxes, jump-start the economy and the kids would all have great jobs waiting for them, but he doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life speaking at Republican dinners.


Egyptian television reported President Obama’s half brother Malik Obama in Kenya directs financial investments for the Muslim Brotherhood. It’s big news. If the ability to direct an economy runs in the family, Israel will win the next war before a shot is fired.


President Obama embarks on a two-day bus tour of upstate New York and northeast Pennsylvania to promote ways of lowering the costs of college. The president really connects well with college students. They’re both in their fifth year and hopelessly in debt.


The Cato Institute found Americans can get more money from welfare benefits than many jobs. The bureaucracy makes it worse. A welfare worker reported that one female applicant hasn’t had any clothes for two years and has been visited regularly by the clergy.


Colorado put strict noise level controls on oil and gas wells Tuesday. The lawmakers want to ensure the legendary quiet of the Rockies at night. All that moaning in Texas and Oklahoma when oil hits a hundred dollars a barrel has neighbors banging on the walls.


Coldwell Banker said one out of four millennials between the ages of twenty and thirty in New Jersey have moved back home with their parents. It’s the flip side of huge suburban homes. The only reason college kids in California do so well after graduation is because real estate is too valuable for multi-room homes and the ground is too shifty for basements.


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