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Archive for September 9th, 2014

Our rulers continue to destroy founding principles

Posted by taxguru on September 9, 2014

It used to be a fundamental principle of this country that people can’t be prosecuted based on retroactive changes in laws.  That is the same as changing the rules of a game after it has started, or after it has been finished. 

Another example of the unfairness of retroactive law changes.  It’s as if the speed limit on a road were reduced by 20 MPH from what it had  long been; say from 55 down to 35.  Then, all drivers who had previously gone between 35 and 55 on that road in past years are sent tickets by the local policing agency, fining them for having exceeded the retroactively established 35 MPH limit.  It violates any sense of fairness.  

This stomach turning headline from CCH shows that fairness is a concept we just have to learn to live without in our current Bizarro world, aka the New Normal.. 

Lew Urges Congress to Pass Retroactive Ban on Inversions

What Treasury Secretary Jack Lew is advocating is, allowing taxpayers to set up legal methods of reducing their taxes under current laws, and then changing those laws retroactively to make those tax savings steps illegal.  I can’t be the only one with a deep visceral reaction to this kind of blatant over-reach by our Imperial Masters in DC. 

Any CongressPerson who does vote for such a retroactive change will obviously be violating the Constitution, but that is SOP for our rulers from both Parties in DC, where the Constitution is no longer considered to be a sacred governing document.


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