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Coverville’s Tax Day Tribute

Posted by taxguru on April 11, 2016

For a number of years, I have been a big fan of and subscriber to Brian Ibbott’s Coverville music channel on iTunes and website, where he assembles eclectic mixes of cover versions of songs on a particular theme or by certain artists. 

This is the first year that I can recall him doing a full show based on our American Tax Day.  It’s 85 minutes long, with 18 cover versions of songs about taxes and money.  It should be no surprise that it begins with a new version of the song I have been featuring for the past 40 years, George Harrison’s ageless “TaxMan.”

You can listen to the full 85 minute show, download it as one big (97.3 mb) MP3, as well as purchase the songs individually from the Coverville website.

Coincidentally, this is Coverville Episode Number 1120.  While it is labeled as a tribute to the 1040, I don’t know if Brian Ibbott is aware of the fact that American corporations report their income on Form 1120.

While clicking around on the Coverville page for this show, I came across a link to a list of 11 different cover versions of “TaxMan.”  I have some of these already, but others are new to me, as they may very well be for other fellow collectors of this song. 

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