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Posted by taxguru on January 2, 2004

The Problem With The Minimum Wage – As with all efforts by the government to artificially manipulate natural market forces, the actual results are 180 degrees off from their stated goals.

Tax Cuts Do Help The Economy After All – Well, duh. Why else were the DemonRats and their media propagandists fighting so hard against the cuts? Their playbook is to do as much damage to the economy and national security as possible and then blame Bush for it.

Beware of the Alternative Minimum Tax – More and more people are being sucked into this insidious tax that was supposed to only ensnare the most evil rich among us.

Taxing Foreign Investors Would Damage Home Economy – Leveling the paying field of tax rates around the world can only hurt us here in the USA.

Schwarzenegger to Swing Big Ax on Budget – The proper tool for the situation.

IRS Strengthens Employee Tax Compliance Program – Interesting news release from IRS on how they are cracking down on tricks used by their own employees on their personal tax returns. For most IRS employees, it is one of the costs of having such a fun job that their personal tax returns are generally reviewed more closely than those of the general public.

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