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Posted by taxguru on January 6, 2004

How to Spot a Loaded Mutual Fund – Many mutual funds disguise their true costs.

It seems that Howard Dean’s own public comments are as good an ad against him as anything a third party could put out. Dean’s repeated calls for repeal of the Bush tax cuts are reason enough to oppose this idiot. His support of Usama bin Laden is just icing on the cake of proving his mental incompetence for any position higher than hamburger flipper at Micky D’s.

Tax-Cut Group Launching Anti-Dean TV Ads

Dean in Denial. Bush raised taxes?

The Clinton hand puppet from Arkansas is just another DemonRat endorsing Marxism. His plan to turn over our military protection to the USA hating United Nations puts him in treasonous territory already.

Clark tax plan soaks rich

Clark proposes shifts in tax code

Clark Offers ‘Simple’ Yet Sweeping Tax Reform

Clark Offers Plan to Overhaul Tax System

Clark Unveils $30 Billion Tax-Cut Plan

States out of the red but still seeing red

U.S. offers tips on avoiding overtime pay

The art of thievery – When the free market doesn’t support certain projects, it’s time for our rulers to steal money from the little people and redistribute it according to their whims.

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Posted by taxguru on January 6, 2004

Don’t Tax and Don’t Spend

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Posted by taxguru on January 6, 2004

2004 State By State Corporate Tax Survey – As unpatriotic as it seems to some people that corporations would take steps to reduce their taxes, it is a big part of the managers’ fiduciary responsibilities to the shareholders to do whatever is legally possible to maximize their net income. This often means moving different parts of a business to other jurisdictions that are less confiscatory.

Another January, another Congressional pay raise – Unlike most private businesses, where compensation is related to performance, our rulers are rewarded for incompetence. It doesn’t hurt that they control the government funds and don’t have to answer to anyone when awarding themselves annual raises. This doesn’t even count the millions of dollars in annual tax free fringe benefits they are given.

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