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Posted by taxguru on January 7, 2004

Schwarzenegger throws down gauntlet on taxes, spending cuts

For the DemonRats, it’s a “top this” game of who can screw the evil rich the most.

Reverse Tax Reform. Wesley Clark proposes a Clintonian hike–only much bigger.

Senator Kerry Attacks Dean, Gephardt On Tax Issue

Democratic Rivals Split on Tax Plans

Companies consider pension freezes – When you work for someone else, you are at their mercy for current and future compensation.

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Posted by taxguru on January 7, 2004

What’s Wrong With Income Inequality? – Too many government programs, including much of the tax code, are based on the underlying premise that it is inherently evil for any person to have one dime more than anyone else. Utopia in the minds of leftists is everyone always having the exact same amount of wealth. Until we reach that point, they will never give up trying to use the force and power of government to work towards achieving it.

The Howard Dean Tax Calculator – Now everyone can see how much more they will be paying for the privilege of having that Vermont hot-head with a Napoleon Complex in the Oval Office.

Bush Administration Confident Surging Economy Will Help Cut Deficit in Half by 2005, Snow Says – The DemonRats’ worst nightmare, and their reason for opposing the tax cuts, is coming true.

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Picking A Tax Advisor

Posted by taxguru on January 7, 2004

This is a pretty good article with things to consider from Women’s Wall Street

I still believe in the issues I covered a few years ago. We constantly hear horror stories caused by people using tax pros just because they are local or because they are comfortable with the same person they’ve been using for several years. I can’t say how much such convenience is worth; but many people reconsider it when they discover they’ve been paying tens of thousands of dollars more in taxes each year than they would have if they had been working with a more knowledgeable and creative tax pro.

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Posted by taxguru on January 7, 2004

As strange as it may sound, there are times when an IRS audit is actually requested. The most frequent examples I have seen have been with estate tax returns (706), where the administrator and heirs want formal IRS acceptance of the figures so they don’t have to worry about any surprises later on.

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