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Posted by taxguru on January 24, 2004

Retirement for People Outside the Private Sector

Bush to propose spending freeze – It would be about time.

No Class in Class Warfare – Part of being a loyal DemonRat is embracing the Marxist principles of demonizing the evil rich.

Gap widening between Bush and conservatives

CCAGW Blasts Congress, Omnibus Package

Poor May Not Be So Poor, After All – Both “Rich” and “Poor” are subjective terms and can be defined in any number of ways.

Stretching the poor – Liberals need to continually redefine who are poor so as to justify and perpetuate their big government programs.

Gathering Forces for Historic Social Security Reform – It would be great; but I’m not holding my breath for this to happen.

A Concerned Bloc of Republicans Wonders Whether Bush Is Conservative Enough – While this split is true, what’s more interesting about this story is how the DemonRats’ official newspaper, the New York Times, is trying to encourage this. Dividing the GOP and playing its factions against each other is the only hope the JackAss Party has for success in the November elections. I’m certain we will be seeing similar stories about disharmony in the GOP from the other leftist media – ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, et al.

Conservatives: Reset Your Course – A more reliable source on the conservative problems with the current GOP rulers.

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