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Harrison Abstract Update

Posted by taxguru on January 28, 2004

It’s been several months since there has been any news about the collapse of Harrison Abstract, with the potential loss of over a million dollars from Dian Brown’s looting of the escrow accounts. According to a recent hearing, everyone who made a claim against the company by the deadline will be paid in full. This is much better than the earlier report before the hearing, where it was expected that claimants would have to settle for a percentage of their losses.

I hope the IRS is checking on whether or not Dian Brown reported her loot on her tax returns. As we all know, our rulers consider all other kinds of crime (murder, theft) as small potatoes in comparison to tax evasion.

It’s been pretty well documented that, besides buying several expensive vehicles, Dian Brown used some of the stolen money to buy up a lot of real estate in the area. Last Friday, Sherry and I, as fire fighters with the Hilltop Volunteer Fire Department, helped battle a house fire up here on Gaither Mountain. We later learned, from the previous owner of that house, that Dian Brown is the current owner of that 98 year old house.

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