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Archive for August 6th, 2004

Club For Growth

Posted by taxguru on August 6, 2004

Andrew Roth, over at the Club For Growth blog, has been doing an excellent job monitoring the political side of tax issues. He has quite a few great posts today.

He has also posted the Club’s new ad (in three downloadable video formats) about John Kerry’s tax attacks on the “evil rich” who, as I have frequently explained, include just about everyone in the country when defined by DemonRats. For those who think I am exaggerating, a reminder that evil rich Social Security recipients include anyone earning over $25,000 per year, as defined by the Clinton-Gore 1993 Tax Hike, which was supported by John Kerry.

Helped by Tax Cuts, Business Owners Producing Lion’s Share of Income Tax Revenue

Another Bush Term Might Well Include Tax-Overhaul Push While this plan sounds great, it is disappointing that the Bush team is afraid to discuss this much during the campaign in order to not offend the fans of class warfare.

Another John Kerry Flip-Flop — Taxing the Rich

Life and Taxes

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