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Archive for August 20th, 2004

Posted by taxguru on August 20, 2004

For Pete Rose, Tax Hits Keep On Coming – One of the pitfalls of being a celebrity is the publicity surrounding things like this, which are normally relatively private matters.

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Posted by taxguru on August 20, 2004

John Kerry is lying about the economy and the New York Times proves it – Of course. He lies about everything. Who would have thought the DemonRats could scrape up a candidate who makes Bill Clinton appear honest by comparison?

President Can Reform Social Security Without Raising Taxes or Cutting Benefits

Global Taxes Are Back, Watch Your Wallet

Elimination of the Internal Revenue Service

Auditor Turnover: SEC Seeks ‘The Rest of the Story’ – It’s long been an obvious sign of funny business going on in a company’s accounting when their CPA firm refuses to handle the audit any more.

M.B.A. Students May Lose Tax Break – The cases cited are mainly for W-2 employees who deducted their education costs on Schedule A. As with most deductions, this kind of thing is more powerful tax-wise as a Schedule C deduction, which is how I claimed my MBA costs. As required to be deductible, the MBA classes didn’t qualify me to do anything new (I was already a CPA), but the things I learned have been very useful in running my businesses and servicing my clients.

Real Tax Cuts, Imaginary Analysis

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Posted by taxguru on August 20, 2004

Brown In Jail – I have to admit that I’m surprised how quickly this case was wrapped up. With all of the legal maneuvers possible, it was looking like this case could take years before Dian Brown received any punishment for stealing money through her Harrison Abstract business.

We’re hoping this puts an end to comments Sherry has received from local Realtors and investors who complain about the fees she charges for 1031 exchanges with “Dian Brown charged a lot less.” Having seen some of the incompetent exchange paperwork prepared by Dian Brown and her Harrison Abstract staff, it’s obvious that her legal headaches are far from over. Any of her exchange clients who are examined by IRS will have excellent grounds for legal action to recoup their additional taxes, penalties and interest charges when their exchanges are disallowed. Somehow, the old “you get what you pay for” standard fits so well here. Saving a few hundred dollars by using an incompetent exchange service can very easily cost hundreds of thousands down the road when IRS catches up.

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Hidden taxes are everywhere

Posted by taxguru on August 20, 2004

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