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Posted by taxguru on August 30, 2004

In L.A. real estate, $10 million is the new $1 million – Why I’ve always been a big believer in real estate as the most dependable investment for amassing wealth.

Dumping gas guzzler a savvy investment move – I’ve always countered the freedom hating busybodies who want to ban SUVs that their operating costs are penalty enough to punish the people who choose to buy them.

Old ways of paying bills get bounced – Businesses do have a right to reward customers who make things more efficient for them.

Fogbound income data?

In Speech, Bush to Stress ‘Ownership’ – That is the main distinction between capitalism and communism. In John Kerry’s Marxist Shangri-La, the big central government owns everything, while capitalistic societies hinge on private property ownership rights.

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