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Archive for November 3rd, 2009

Profiting from sales taxes…

Posted by taxguru on November 3, 2009

As someone who buys almost everything over the internet, where some out of state vendors charge sales tax and others don’t, I have long suspected that many of those vendors don’t actually send the tax money to Arkansas and other “foreign” states.  Given a choice, I’d obviously prefer not to pay the sales taxes at all.  But if I am forced to pay them, I would like some assurance that the money is properly forwarded to the State and not kept as another profit item, such as inflated Shipping and Handling charges, which I have railed against in the past.

According to this article,some states are now cracking down on online vendors who aren’t passing along the full amount of sales taxes paid by their customers.

 Fla. sues online travel companies over hotel taxes

I’m not a pro-tax type of person, but the money these companies are allegedly pocketing isn’t being stolen from the state governments.  It is being stolen from their customers.


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Trick and Trick

Posted by taxguru on November 3, 2009

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