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Archive for November 7th, 2009

Financing an SUV For an LLC – VidCast

Posted by taxguru on November 7, 2009

We have been looking at ways in which to improve the quality of our content; so we are adding short videos (VidCasts) of my answering reader questions.  These should be more enlightening than the completely text versions. 

This is going to be an evolving process as we become more proficient in utilizing this medium and our skills with the software and equipment improve.  Our goal as of now is to do the same kind of Q&As as I have been posting for several years on my blog in these free short YouTube videos.  

As we become more comfortable with this technology, we also plan to present some more intense live online webinars on some of the topics that seem to have the most interest around the country. There will be a charge for these to cover the costs, as well as for our time.  As charitable as we are, we are evil capitalists and do intend to make a profit on this venture.  The mini-classes will be of particular interest to small business owners and investors who are interested in learning techniques on how to minimize their taxes, as well as professional tax advisors with whom I can share my 34 plus years of experience.  The costs will be very reasonable and much less than the $250 per hour that clients are paying me for one on one consulting.   

This first batch of VidCasts that we produced are rough as we learn how to operate everything; but the information they contain should be useful for anyone wanting to keep their taxes down.

If the embedded player doesn’t work in your browser, you can go directly to the YouTube page to watch it.




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