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Archive for November 29th, 2009

Taxes Paid In vs. Taxes Owed

Posted by taxguru on November 29, 2009

Tax planning and ensuring that you have enough paid in to avoid penalties has never been crazier.  The Feds have reduced withholdings and given rebates to encourage spending in the economy; while the geniuses in Sacramento are trying to force California taxpayers to intentionally overpay their withholdings as an interest free loan to Governor Arnold and his fellow idiots in control of that sinking state.

That’s the subject of this vidcast.


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Posted by taxguru on November 29, 2009

War Is the Health of the Taxman. Democrats want a temporary war tax on the rich, like the one from 1898. – Kevin Williamson gives an excellent recap of the “temporary” taxes that were supposed to be only for the evil rich over the past 150 years in this country.  As should surprise nobody, temporary taxes live on forever and slowly grow to apply to just about everybody.  No sane person should expect any different result from the new proposed tax by the DemonRats.


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