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Posted by taxguru on December 18, 2012

Arizona Preparing For Wealthy Californians – The exodus of tax refugees continues.

Evil Rich being driven out of France:

France warms to Gérard Depardieu, the heroic exile

Making the rich flee


Fiscal Cliff Notes – Thomas Sowell debunks a lot of the fiscal cliff lies.


Our money factory – Sounding like a parody; but the truth about the “funny money” scams in this country.


The Obama Tax Plan: Undercutting Economic Growth


Our retarded rulers in DC have nothing better to do than argue over the definition of the Evil Rich who need to be persecuted –  $250,000 of income or one million dollars?

Boehner moves to ‘Plan B

Pelosi Backed Boehner’s Tax Cut Proposal

Speaker Boehner: House Will Protect As Many Taxpayers As Possible from Fiscal Cliff Tax Hikes

Obama, Boehner Press On After Alternative Plan Is Rejected


Here is an interesting graphical representation of the Fiscal Cliff that is actually too large to post here.


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