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The IRS Scandal – Updates

Posted by taxguru on June 1, 2013

New revelations are emerging at a Fast & Furious pace.  Drudge has been great at keeping up with many of these.


IRS collects docs from 88 employees in investigation –  Those that weren’t shredded.


Former IRS Chief’s Wife Works for Leftist Campaign Finance Reform Group –  More proof that the IRS is as politically neutral as the mainstream media are.  They are all activists for the DemonRat Party.


IRS Ignores Senate Deadline to Answer Questions About Scandal –  Deadlines only apply to us little people; not to our overlords in DC.


GOP says report will expose lavish spending at 2010 IRS conference –  Hey, they worked hard to steal that money from taxpayers, so a little celebrating is only natural.


More trouble for the IRS –  More on their wasteful spending, including a video of IRS agents dancing.


Newly Released IRS Video Shows Employees Dancing –  More on that video.


IRS may have targeted conservatives more broadly –  As in anyone who was vocal in opposition to the DemonRat agenda.


The Other IRS Scandal –  IRS has been harassing Pro-Israel groups.  What a surprise from the current pro-Muslim Regime in the White House.



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