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Archive for July, 2014

Posted by taxguru on July 6, 2014

From Fred Thompson:

The IRS claims that it lost over 2 years’ worth of Lois Lerner’s emails in a computer crash. OK, I’ll accept that one when I can use “lost receipts” as an excuse in an audit.   


It’s not just Lois Lerner’s e-mails. The Internal Revenue Service says it can’t produce e-mails from six more employees involved in the Tea Party targeting scandal. But don’t worry, you can trust them not to screw up like this in calculating your Obamacare tax.  


The state of New York plans to grant citizenship and voting rights to illegal immigrants if they pay three years of taxes. Although they do risk deportation during that time if their soda cup is too big.



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Posted by taxguru on July 6, 2014

From Fred Thompson:

The Department of Justice is creating a special law enforcement group to investigate those it designates as domestic terrorists. They’ll start work as soon as they get that Tea Party list from the IRS. 


During a speech in Poland, President Obama said “governments exist to lift up their people”. Might work better if they stopped trying to lift them up by their taxes.  


Harry Reid said that the sale of his house would “create 60 jobs”. Well, that’s 60 more than he’s created as Majority Leader.





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IRS Web of Lies

Posted by taxguru on July 2, 2014

Lois Lerner’s computer pleads the fifth – A parody that is almost impossible to distinguish from the “real world” facts about this case.   


IRS Lawyers Ready for Busy Week Ahead – The scope of the cover-up grows daily.   


Another federal judge tells IRS to explain itself on lost emails   


Lois Lerner And Fellow IRS Official Announced Targeting At 2010 Conference Before Both Of Their Emails Went Missing   


Lois Lerner Fights Back! –  The MSM will help portray poor Lois as a victim in this mess.   


Clinton adviser: Independent prosecutor needed for IRS   


Darrell Issa, Lois Lerner lawyer escalate IRS conflict    


You’ve got mail and an IRS auditor knocking on your door: Examiner Editorial   


IRS Officials To Face Judge Who Once Sicced a Special Prosecutor on the DOJ   


Lois Lerner’s Lawyer: ‘A Little Brazen’ to Say She Purposely Destroyed Hard Drive – Even though that is exactly what happened.   


$1 Million Bounty to Be Offered for ‘Smoking Gun’ in IRS Targeting Scandal   


Meet Emmet Sullivan, IRS Judge Who Once Sicced a Special Prosecutor on DOJ   


IT Trade Association Questions Whether Lerner’s Emails Were Destroyed   


IRS Commissioner: Agency lacked funds to save emails –  Another load of crap from the head of the IRS.   


The sleeper case that could bust open the IRS scandals    


IRS scandal evolving too fast for reporters to ignore    


IRS Admits Wrongdoing, to Pay $50,000 in Leaking of Marriage Group’s Tax Return   


IRS: Shame and Loathing on the Media Trail   


The Palace Guard MSM Drops the Mask    


The Merger of the Party and the State – From Mark Steyn



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