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Archive for July 2nd, 2003

Posted by taxguru on July 2, 2003

IRS Adjusts Tax Tables to New Schedule – A little more take home pay for most employees.

Dot-Com Losses Not Broker’s Fault – It was the fault of the idiots who fell for the line that stock prices would go up forever and ever.

IRS Targets Tax Shelter For Stock-Options Income (link to article expired) – Some of the big CPA firms were selling bogus tax avoidance schemes that are now blowing up on their clients.

Refusal to Hike Taxes, Not Soaring Spending, Behind State Crises – How the left-wing mainstream media interpret the problem.

GOP Files Challenge to Tripling of PRC Car Tax – Maybe it can be stopped before it takes effect on October 1. I still fail to see how Governor Doofus thinks this is a good idea in the face of a recall election.

Dan Walters: Car tax arbitrary, irrational; reinstating it makes perfect sense – to some sick people. If the higher car tax does become real in October, there will be a lot more vehicles with Oregon plates driving around in the PRC.

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