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Posted by taxguru on July 8, 2003

State Income Tax Break May Pass Congress – A possible return of the itemized deduction for sales tax for those people who don’t have State income tax to claim.

Those Notorious IRS 400 (link to article expired) – IRS stats on the 400 tax returns with the highest AGI.

Democrats and Fat Cats – Debunking one of the many lies the leftist media spout as gospel; that the GOP are a bunch of evil rich fat cats and the Demonrats are just hard working little guys. As with most of the “truths” per the media, the reality is 180 degrees off.

Boomer Bummer: Retirement May Get Ugly for Generation (link to article expired) – Planning for retirement has never been a simple task because calculating whether you will have enough money to live on or not depends on how long you’ll be living after you stop working. For most people, this can’t be known with any certainty, in spite of what some actuaries may claim.

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Posted by taxguru on July 8, 2003

As Fed Cuts Rates, Retirees Are Forced to Pinch Pennies (link to article expired) – Interest rates have always been a double edged sword. Lower rates are obviously great for borrowers; but it’s not just banks that see their income pinched when the rates drop. People, often retirees, who have their money in cash type accounts (savings and CDs) see their interest income cut drastically.

Is Buying a Larger Home A Wise Financial Move? – A good look at how to decide how large & expensive a home to purchase.

What You Should Know About Buyer’s Agents – I’ve always liked the idea of having a Realtor who looks out for the buyer’s best interest, especially after having been burned by one who I thought was looking out for my interest, but had to side with the seller in a dispute because of the way most commissions are structured. The sharing arrangement among Realtors makes the buyer’s agent a sub-agent of the listing agent, and thus required to work more on behalf of the seller than the buyer. As this article discusses, there are various strategies being used by so-called Buyers’ Agents to avoid this conflict of interest problem.

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