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Posted by taxguru on July 13, 2003

This is a term we don’t hear much any more; public servants. It used to be that the people we elected into office were there to serve us, the public. Just like the frog in hot water, it’s evolved to the point where they now sit on their thrones and tell us how we are to do their bidding. We are controlled by the very kind of unaccountable royalty that our founding fathers revolted against and tried to prevent from happening here. Forgetting to include a provision limiting the number of terms served was probably the biggest mistake they made when they drafted the Constitution. They were simply too optimistic about the character of people who would run for office.

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Posted by taxguru on July 13, 2003

Blogs breaking logjam of journalism – Between Fox News and the growing blogosphere, the mainstream liberal media are having conniption fits at their loss of monopoly power over what we little people are allowed to know.

Cat fight – Good look at how the disorganized GOP in the PRC will almost certainly mess up the opportunity to exploit the possible recall of Governor Gray-out Doofus.

Daniel Weintraub: California’s sales tax is the ultimate roller coaster – As I’ve always said, any revenue projection made by our State or Federal rulers is nothing more than a WAG (will ass guess). It’s not possible to be anything but that because the actual dollar amounts generated by some kinds of taxes are just impossible to predict with any level of accuracy. It’s always been one of my many pet peeves with the media that they just willingly accept any forecasts as gospel and never challenge the underlying assumptions. They’re still crediting Bill Clinton with producing a five trillion dollar surplus which they then blame Bush for squandering. The Clinton numbers were complete fabrications and were based on the underlying assumption that the stock market would increase by over 20% per year forever, with a continuous flow of taxes from those profits. This may sound like a joke, but is exactly where those projected surpluses came from. Only the biggest mind-numb morons (aka Clinton worshippers) could swallow that load of crap.

The real problem with government budgets has long been that our rulers construct big expensive government programs based on the assumption of their overly optimistic revenue predictions and are later all confused when there is a short-fall.

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Farming In NorthWest Arkansas

Posted by taxguru on July 13, 2003

Some interesting articles on changes in the farming environment here in NorthWest Arkansas. Since we still have a small farming operation here on the KMK Ranch, and many of our clients raise cattle and poultry, we need to stay on top of current and upcoming changes.

Efficient Facility Key for Poultry Growers

Farmers Face Changing Life

Regulatory Creep Affecting Farmer’s Property Rights

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Posted by taxguru on July 13, 2003

The ABCs of tax cuts – Peter Jennings may have become a dual USA-Canada citizen; but that hasn’t slowed his use of the Anti-american Broadcasting Company to spread his hatred of capitalism and love of socialism and high taxes.

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