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Posted by taxguru on July 14, 2003

Tax Surcharge on Wealthy Reaching Middle Class – More on the insidious AMT.

Future power of personal accounts Allowing the little people any control over any portion of their Social Security money is going to be a tough battle.

State spending seen increasing despite nationwide fiscal crisis – State Rulers are like drug addicts when it comes to spending money.

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Posted by taxguru on July 14, 2003

In all fairness, the governor isn’t alone in incompetent leadership. Toss everyone out and replace them with names randomly picked out of the phone book. They couldn’t do any worse than the professional politician clowns in Sacramento have been doing.

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The reason for high taxes and deficits.

Posted by taxguru on July 14, 2003

Bush is disappointing a lot of his earlier supporters by continuing to feed this fat pig and not putting him on the starvation diet that is the only way to save his life.

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Defunct Title Company

Posted by taxguru on July 14, 2003

Sherry said a friend saw a story about the FBI involvement in investigating the Harrison Abstract case on TV; but I haven’t been able to find any mention of it on any of the websites for the Springfield, Missouri or Fayetteville, Arkansas TV stations. The Harrison Times is still doing a good job covering the story.

FBI probes firm

Brown’s assets listed – Per the Boone County Assessor’s office. This only includes motor vehicles and doesn’t show other assets, nor anything located outside of the county.

Brown auction sees 500 attend

I’m not involved in the investigations, and I hesitate to comment from the sidelines without knowing all the facts. However, having worked on several cases like this, I can’t help wondering why the authorities are allowing the Browns to keep the proceeds from their auction. The claim that the things sold were personally owned and not part of the corporation that was shut down is ludicrous. It’s been reported that Dian Brown admitted transferring $400,000 of client money from the corporation’s bank account to her personal account. She obviously used the money to buy a lot of things. Those auction proceeds should have been taken by the authorities and placed into an honest escrow account, pending resolution of the restitution of the embezzled funds. Allowing the Browns to take possession of the auction proceeds just seems like exactly what they need to be able to flee the jurisdiction before the matter can be resolved properly.

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