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Posted by taxguru on July 9, 2003

Senate Panel Hears Proposal to Reduce Pork – This is as likely to have an effect on the out of control spending as it is to expect Bill Clinton to keep his hands to himself while visiting Hooters. Some temptations are too strong for weak-willed people to resist. The only solution for those rulers who consider the Federal Treasury to be their private piggy banks is to check the spending scorecards of all incumbents next year and vote the ones out who have been spendaholics, regardless of party affiliation.

Besides violating their avowed dislike for big government spending, the GOP rulers in DC have abandoned their hatred of government regulation. The latest Federal Register is the longest in history (75,606 pages for 2002), to accommodate the flood of new regulations promulgated by our rulers.

Anyone who is truly a fan of low taxes, less government spending, and fewer regulations can’t be very satisfied with the performance of the GOP. There is still a political party that hasn’t abandoned those principles. Sending a few more Libertarians to DC would surely send a wake-up message to the RINOs who take their conservative base for granted.

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