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Posted by taxguru on July 11, 2003

New Proposal to Shrink Government: Term-Limit the Big-Spending Appropriators – What I’ve always been saying. We need a continuous turnover of elected rulers in our capitals. The longer anyone stays in office, the more corrupt and disconnected from the real world they become.

The New Tax Law’s Effect on Trusts and Home Sales

Flat Tax Fever – In a strange irony, Russia and some other former communist countries are adopting flat income tax rates, while we here in the USA continue to use Karl Marx’s progressive tax rate scheme to heavily penalize the more productive in our society. To show how insidious this is in our society, DemonRat presidential wannabe retired general Wesley Clark defended the concept of progressive tax rates as something our nation was founded on during a recent interview with Tim Russert. It’s no surprise that Russert didn’t challenge Clark on his idiotic claim. It’s not NBC policy to make DemonRats look stupid. That’s only used for GOP guests.

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