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Archive for April, 2012

Posted by taxguru on April 29, 2012

How’s that promised “Lock Box” working out for everyone?





I’ve always wished we had a chance to vote for NOTA (None of the above)






Of course, to 0Bambi and his fellow Marxists,
all profits are obscene and rightfully belong
to the government.







How government accountants get promoted…






I have long thought it quite selfish on the part of vendors who push
hard for us  to accept electronic statements instead of paper ones as a
“convenience” for us, yet never offer to share the obvious cost
savings with us, their customers.





From Blog Comix



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Smart Tax Planning Upsets the Left

Posted by taxguru on April 29, 2012

How Apple Sidesteps Billions in Taxes – Of course, the NY Slimes thinks this is a bad thing when anyone uses proactive techniques to avoid being fiscally raped by the tax collectors.  I’ve been helping clients shift income out of high tax states such as the PRC and into tax free states, such as Nevada, Washington and Texas, for decades; so this is nothing new.  Actually, it’s a tool in the tax planning arsenal that not enough businesses consider.  Rather than be bitter about what Apple is doing to reduce its tax burden, more business owners should be following its example.

Rush nails this liberal hypocrisy.

From Blog Pix

Time Magazine chimes in: Apple’s Tax Avoidance: Evil Scheming, Good Business, or Both?


PJTV dissects this NY Slimes attack on Apple:



TaxCoach Software: Are you giving your clients what they really want?

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TaxMan by Blue Floyd

Posted by taxguru on April 28, 2012

I just came across another concert of Beatles songs by Blue Floyd, from 3/11/2002 in Atlanta.

Here is their very lively version of George Harrison’s “TaxMan.”

You can download your own copy of this track from my special TaxMan collection.


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Teaching kids how Obamanomics works…

Posted by taxguru on April 25, 2012

From Blog Comix

Thanks to Ed Lyon of TaxCoach, who sent this to me as we were starting the weekly call-in today.


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Posted by taxguru on April 23, 2012

Social Security heading for insolvency even faster –  Does this surprise anyone, that the government run Ponzi scheme is imploding?  Nobody can screw things up as quickly as the government.

As a result of this financial collapse, IRS has become even more aggressive and abusive in attempting to squeeze (extort) Social Security taxes out of people.


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Posted by taxguru on April 23, 2012


























From Blog Comix



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More on IRS’s new Stalinist powers to restrict travel

Posted by taxguru on April 21, 2012

Scary stuff from PJTV


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Late Night Tax Jokes

Posted by taxguru on April 21, 2012

via NewsMax because I don’t watch any of these shows.


There is a record number of Americans now who owe so much in back taxes that they are renouncing their U.S. citizenship. These Americans were offered a place in Nicholas Cage-istan.

Craig Ferguson

It’s a great day if you like paying your taxes. It is your patriotic duty. A painful, annoying patriotic duty.

If nobody paid taxes, imagine what the country would be like. America would be flat broke. All right, we’d be more flat broke.

This year the government will spend a trillion dollars more than it will take in. Experts say 32 percent of our taxes go to defense. And the rest buys hookers for the Secret Service.

According to his tax return, President Obama made $800,000 last year. In fact, the president made so much money that today he endorsed Mitt Romney for president.

Jimmy Kimmel

In case you’re wondering where your tax dollars go, 21 percent goes to Medicare and Medicaid, 20 percent to social security, 20 percent to defense spending, and the other 39 percent they squander.

I don’t mind paying taxes. But what I don’t get: When we send in our return, why do we have to put stamps on the envelope? Can’t they give us a pass on that?

The IRS is very into social media now. They have five different Twitter accounts. And while you may not be following them, they are definitely following you.

The IRS also has four Facebook pages and zero friends on all of those.

The deadline to file your tax returns was last night at midnight. If you forget, don’t worry. The IRS never checks.



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Dream or Reality?

Posted by taxguru on April 20, 2012

Has anyone else noticed that our affirmative action president likes to openly make fun of people who call him a Socialist, but he never denies being one?  His actions make that pretty much impossible to do. 

From today’s episode of NewsBusted:


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Analysis of Wesley Snipes Tax Problems

Posted by taxguru on April 19, 2012

From the 11/22/10 episode of Chelsea Lately

Reposted due to YouTube blockage.

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